Multiple Simultaneous Display Support

Manage Displays Across the Enterprise

eyedogz doesn’t limit you to a single view of a single contact center. All contact centers and teams throughout the enterprise can be managed.


Completely Configurable – Based on HTML5

Personalize Each Display to Your Requirements

eyedogz enables you to start with a fully functioning template and completely configure it based on your requirements. eyedogz is based on advanced browser technology, however, no programming experience is necessary to make a compelling display.
Should you require more advanced functionality, eyedogz enables you to have complete control over the look and feel right down to the programming level of if you have the skills and requirements to do so.


Real time Analytics

Configure Thresholds and Alerts

Each eyedogz component has configurable thresholds for your key-figures, and can be set up to take action when those thresholds are breached. Under such circumstances, the colors can change, an e-mail can be sent, or an audible alert can be played to the team, indicating the need to respond quickly.

Our Team

eyedogz is brought to you by Covington Creative, a leading Contact Center consultancy, with experience designing and implementing Contact Centers for enterprises ranging in size from less than ten agents to thousands of agents..

Glenn Abel
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Glenn Abel

President / CEO

Glenn has been helping leading organizations design and implement world class contact centers for over 16 years.

David Wisniewski
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David Wisniewski

VP Sales and Business Development

A pragmatic visionary with 19 years’ experience creating and implementing solutions that align information technology with business objectives.

Tim Osborn
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Tim Osborn

Account Executive

Tim is passionate about improving processes for quality, efficiency and ultimately the bottom line. Tim is focused exclusively on the contact center space to help clients drive better customer satisfaction and operational efficiencies.


How Can We Help Your Contact Center?

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